Document Summary

<!DOCTYPE html>                 <!-- Tells the browser that HTML5 version of HTML to be recognized by the browser -->
<html lang="en"></html>         <!-- The HTML lang attribute is used to identify the language of text content on the web. This information helps search engines return language specific results, -->
<head></head>                   <!-- Contains Information specific to the page like title, styles and scripts -->
<title></title>                 <!-- Title for the page that shows up in the browser title bar -->
<body></body>                   <!-- Content that the user will see -->

Document Information

<base/>                         <!-- Usefull for specifying relative links in a document -->
<style></style>                 <!-- Contains styles for the html document -->
<meta/>                         <!-- Contains additional information about the page, author, page description and other hidden page info -->
<script></script>               <!-- Contains all scripts internal or external -->
<link/>                         <!-- Used to create relationships with external pages and stylesheets -->

Document Structure

<h1></h1> ... <h6></h6>         <!-- All six levels of heading with 1 being the most promiment and 6 being the least prominent -->
<p></p>                         <!-- Used to organize paragraph text -->
<div></div>                     <!-- A generic container used to denote a page section -->
<span></span>                   <!-- Inline section or block container used for creating inline style elements -->
<br/>                           <!-- Creates a line-break -->
<hr>                            <!-- Creates a sectional break into HTML -->

Text Formatting

<strong></strong> and <b></b>   <!-- Makes text contained in the tag as bold -->
<em></em> and <i></i>           <!-- Alternative way to make the text contained in the tag as italic -->
<strike></strike>               <!-- Creates a strike through the text element -->
<pre></pre>                     <!-- Preformatted monospace text block with some spacing intact -->
<blockquote></blockquote>       <!-- Contains long paragraphs of quotations often cited -->
<abbr></abbr>                   <!-- Contains abbreviations while also making the full form avaialable -->
<address></address>             <!-- Used to display contact information -->
<code></code>                   <!-- Used to display inline code snippets -->
<q></q>                         <!-- Defines a short inline quotation -->
<sub></sub>                     <!-- 	Defines subscripted text -->
<sup></sup>                     <!-- Defines superscripted text -->
<kbd></kbd>                     <!-- Specifies text as keyboard input -->
<small></small>                 <!-- Specifies small text -->  
<a href="url"></a>              <!-- Used to link to external or internal pages of a wbesite -->
<a href=""></a>           <!-- Used to link to an email address -->
<a href="name"></a>             <!-- Used to link to a document element -->
<a href="#name"></a>            <!-- Used to link to specific div element -->
<a href="tel://####-####-##"></a>                 <!-- Used to display phone numbers and make them clickable -->

Image Formatting

<img src="url" alt="text">      <!-- Used to display images in a webpage where src="url" contains the link to the image source and alt="" contains an alternative text to display when the image is not displayed -->

List Formatting

<ol></ol>                       <!-- Used to create ordered lists with numbers in the items -->
<ul></ul>                       <!-- Used to display unordered lists with numbers in the items -->
<li></li>                       <!-- Contains list items inside ordered and unordered lists -->
<dl></dl>                       <!-- Contains list item definitions -->
<dt></dt>                       <!-- Definition of single term inline with body content -->
<dd></dd>                       <!-- The descrpition of the defined term -->

Forms Formatting and Attributes

<form action="url"></form>      <!-- Form element creates a form and action="" specifies where the data is to be sent to when the visitor submits the form -->

<!-- Supported attributes -->
method="somefunction()"         <!-- Contains the type of request (GET, POST... etc) which dictates how to send the data of the form -->
enctype=""                      <!-- Dictates how the data is to be encoded when the data is sent to the web server. -->
autocomplete=""                 <!-- Specifies if the autocomplete functionality is enabled or not -->
novalidate                      <!-- Dictates if the form will be validated or not -->
accept-charset=""               <!-- Identifies the character encoding upon form submission -->
target=""                       <!-- Tell where to display the information upon form submission. Possible values: '_blank', '_self', '_parent', '_top' -->
<fieldset disabled="disabled"></fieldset>         <!-- Identifies the group of all fields in the form -->

<label for=""></label>          <!-- A simple field label telling the user what to type in the field -->

<legend></legend>               <!-- The form legend acts as a caption for the fieldset element -->

<input type="text/email/number/color/date">       <!-- Input is the input field where the user can input various types of data -->
<!-- Supported attributes -->
name=""                         <!-- Describes the name of the form -->
width=""                        <!-- Specifies the width of an input field -->
value=""                        <!-- Describes the value of the input information field -->
size=""                         <!-- Specifies the input element width in characters -->
maxlength=""                    <!-- Specifies the maximum input character numbers -->
required=""                     <!-- Specifies if the input field is required to fill in before submitting the form -->
step=""                         <!-- Identifies the legal number intervals of the input field -->

<textarea name="" id="" cols="30" rows="10">      <!-- Specifies a large input text field for longer messages -->

<select name=""></select>       <!-- Describes a dropdown box for users to select from variety of choices -->
<!-- Supported attributes -->
name=""                         <!-- The name for a dropdown combination box -->
size=""                         <!-- Specifies the number of available options -->
multiple                        <!-- Allows for multiple option selections -->
required                        <!-- Requires that a value is selected before submitting the form -->
autofocus                       <!-- Specifies that the dropdown automatically comes to focus once the page loads -->

<optgroup></optgroup>           <!-- Specifies the entire grouping of available options -->

<option value=""></option>      <!-- Defines one of the avaialble option from the dropdown list -->

<button></button>               <!-- A clickable button to submit the form -->

Tables Formatting

<table></table>                 <!-- Defines and contains all table related content -->
<caption></caption>             <!-- A description of what table is and what it contains -->
<thead></thead>                 <!-- The table headers contain the type of information defined in each column underneath -->
<tbody></tbody>                 <!-- Contains the tables data or information -->
<tfoot></tfoot>                 <!-- Defines table footer -->
<tr></tr>                       <!-- Contains the information to be included in a table row -->
<th></th>                       <!-- Contains the information to be included in a single table header -->
<td></td>                       <!-- Contains actual information in a table cell -->
<colgroup></colgroup>           <!-- Groups a single or multiple columns for formatting purposes -->
<col>                           <!-- Defines a single column of information inside a table -->

## Objects and iFrames

<object data=""></object>       <!-- Describes and embed file type including audio, video, PDF's, images -->

<!-- Supported attributes -->
type=""                         <!-- Describes the type of media embedded -->
height=""                       <!-- Describes the height of the object in pixels -->
width=""                        <!-- Describes the width of the object in pixels -->
usemap=""                       <!-- This is the name of the client-side image map in the object -->

<iframe src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>          <!-- Contains an inline frame that allows to embed external information -->                    
<embed src="" type="">          <!-- Acts as a container for external application or plug-in -->
src=""                          <!-- The source of the external file you're embedding -->
width=""                        <!-- Describes the width of the iframe in pixels -->

HTML5 New Tags

<header></header>               <!-- Defines the header block for a document or a section -->
<footer></footer>               <!-- Defines the footer block for a document or a section -->
<main></main>                   <!-- Describes the main content of a document --> 
<article></article>             <!-- Identifies an article inside a document -->
<aside></aside>                 <!-- Specifies content contained in a document sidebar -->
<section></section>             <!-- Defines a section of a document -->
<details></details>             <!-- Describes additonal information that user can view or hide -->
<dialog></dialog>               <!-- A dialog box or a window -->
<figure></figure>               <!-- An independent content block featuring images, diagrams or illustrations -->
<figcaption></figcaption>       <!-- Caption that describe a figure -->
<mark></mark>                   <!-- Displays a portion of highlighted text with in a page content -->
<nav></nav>                     <!-- Navigation links for the user in a document -->
<menuitem></menuitem>           <!-- The specific menu item that a user can raise from a pop up menu -->
<meter></meter>                 <!-- Describes the scalar measurement with in a known array -->
<progress></progress>           <!-- Displays the progress of a task usually a progress bar -->
<rp></rp>                       <!-- Describes text within the browsers that do not support ruby notations -->
<rt></rt>                       <!-- Displays east asian typography character details -->
<ruby></ruby>                   <!-- Describes annotations for east asian typography -->
<summary></summary>             <!-- Contains a visible heading for details element -->
<bdi></bdi>                     <!-- Helps you format parts of text in a different direction than other text -->
<time></time>                   <!-- Identifies the time and date -->
<wbr>                           <!-- A line break within the content -->

<!-- Some other useful tags -->

<canvas></canvas>               <!-- Allows to draw 2D shapes on the web page with the help of javascript -->
<keygen>                        <!-- Represents a control for generating a public-private key pair -->
<map></map>                     <!-- Specifies an image map -->

Collective Character Obejcts

&#34; &quot; Quotation Marks - "
&#38; &amp; Ampersand - &
&#60; &lt; Less than sign - <
&#62; &gt; Greater than sign - >
&#160; &nbsp; Non-breaking space 
&#169; &copy; Copyright Symbol - ©
&#64; &Uuml; @ symbol - @
&#149; &ouml; Small bullet - .
&#153; &ucirc; Trademark Symbol - ™


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